The Unmissable Best Iowa Women’s Basketball Schedule 2024

iowa women's basketball schedule

iowa women’s basketball schedule | The wooden floor is calling again and the screams of Hawkeye fans will certainly shake Carver-Hawkeye Arena as the Iowa Women’s Basketball team readies for another exciting season. Write down the dates and get ready for games in black and yellow. This year’s women’s basketball schedule is full of matches you won’t want to miss plus exciting moments on the court.

iowa women's basketball schedule
iowa women’s basketball schedule

Iowa women’s basketball schedule | Early Season Tune-Up:

The Hawkeyes start their season with a match at home, having nearby teams like Northern Iowa and Drake come to Carver-Hawkeye. These first games are important for making teamwork, displaying new skills and setting the mood of what’s coming in this hockey season. Watch for stars like Caitlin Clark and Monika Czinano coming back, as they help Hawkeye win big. iowa women’s basketball schedule

Introduction to the Iowa Women’s Basketball Team

The iowa women’s basketball schedule is a highly competitive and talented group of female athletes who represent the University of Iowa in NCAA Division I basketball. The team has a rich history, filled with impressive achievements and notable players, making them a force to be reckoned with in the world of women’s basketball.

Founded in 1974, the Iowa Women’s Basketball Team has been a part of the University of Iowa’s athletic program for over four decades. Throughout their history, they have consistently competed at a high level, earning numerous conference titles and making regular appearances in the NCAA Tournament.

Under head coach Lisa Bluder, who has been at the helm since 2000, the team has seen great success. Bluder is one of only five active coaches in Division I women’s basketball with over 750 career wins. She has led her team to multiple Big Ten titles and NCAA Tournament appearances, solidifying her reputation as one of the top coaches in the country.

The roster is made up of talented players from across the country who bring their unique skills and strengths to create a well-rounded and dynamic team. This diversity is reflected on the court as they play with an intense passion and determination that sets them apart from other teams.

One player to watch on this year’s roster is senior guard Kathleen Doyle. Doyle was named Big Ten Player of the Year last season after leading her team in points (18.1), assists (6.3), steals (2.2), and minutes played (34). She also set a school record for most points scored in a single season with 677 points.

Another standout player is junior forward Monika Czinano, who was named Big Ten Sixth Player of the Year last season. Czinano had an impressive shooting percentage of .674 during conference play, ranking second nationally among all Division I players.

With such strong talent on their side, it’s no surprise that this year’s schedule is filled with highly anticipated games against top-ranked opponents. Fans can expect to see intense matchups against rivals such as Northwestern, Maryland, and Ohio State, as well as non-conference games against powerhouse teams like Baylor and Notre Dame.

The Iowa Women’s Basketball Team is a dominant force in women’s college basketball with a long history of success. With a talented roster and an exciting schedule ahead, there’s no doubt that this team will continue to make their mark on the court and represent the University of Iowa with pride.

Big Ten Battles:

The main part of Iowa’s women’s basketball plan is in the always-challenging Big Ten Conference. Get ready for exciting fights against old opponents like Maryland, Indiana and Ohio State. Every game promises exciting endings, fans that care a lot and it shows the best players from the conference. See Caitlin Clark score big, Monika Czinano handle the court and watch all Hawkeye players show their usual toughness and effort. iowa women’s basketball schedule

Non-Conference Showdowns:

Beyond the tough games in the Big Ten, Iowa’s women’s basketball schedule has interesting battles against teams ranked across America. Prepare for fights against schools like Stanford, UConn and South Carolina – places where the Hawkeyes can prove themselves by playing top teams in America. Don’t miss a chance to see Caitlin Clark compete with other top guards, Monika Czinano fight in the post and the whole Hawkeye team face big challenges.

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March Madness March:

When the season ends and big-time sports tournaments pick their winners, the year’s biggest thing for Iowa girls in basketball happens – it’s called the NCAA Tournament. March Madness gives exciting close wins, fairy tale tales and the final goal for being national champion. Cheer for the Hawkeyes as they go through the bracket. They are led by Caitlin Clark who is very smart, have Monika Czinano always there and don’t worry because you support them all time from everyone in Hawkay Nation.

So, put on your shoes, take your Hawkeye stuff and prepare for a fantastic time. The Iowa women’s basketball team is full of skill, has a hard and fun schedule to play this year. Their fans are very passionate about them. That means that in 2024 they will have the chance to reach new levels doing great things on the court! Don’t skip any moment – put it in your calendar, buy tickets and get set to see the amazing thing of Hawkeye basketball!

Senior Night Celebration: Honoring the Stars

As the normal season ends, Senior Night becomes a sad time to thank and praise players who are about to finish school. Join the Iowa women’s basketball group in honoring the great players who have made a lasting impression on the team. iowa women’s basketball schedule

rivalry Games: Sparks Will Fly

The basketball season in 2024 won’t be finished without hard competitions between teams, and this isn’t different. Get ready for exciting battles and strong competition as the Iowa girls’ basketball team plays against their big competitors. These teams will compete hard and get excited, feeling strong feelings to show they’re the best.


Prepare yourself to dive into the exciting world of iowa women’s basketball schedule with a full schedule in 2024. From the start till March Madness excitement, every game offers fun and intense moments. As spectators, let’s join together in cheering for the Iowa women’s basketball team as they chase after greatness this season. It looks like it will be a memorable time!

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